Managing Editor
Professor Dr. Khalid N. M. Al-Khero_|_2 Professor Dr. Khalid N. M. Al-Khero
Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Mosul.
Specific Field of Study: Internal Medicine - Adult Clinical Haematology
Email Address: khalid_kheroo[at]
Phone: 009647708324853
Page Designer
Assistant Lecturer  Firas Mahmood Saeed_|_ Assistant Lecturer Firas Mahmood Saeed
Department of Family and Community Medicine ,College of Medicine, University of Mosul
Specific Field of Study: Mathematics and Computer Science
Email Address: firas.mhmood2003[at]
Nashwan yousif yaseen_|_ Nashwan yousif yaseen
University of Mosul /College of Medicine
Specific Field of Study: Computer Science
Email Address: nashwanyy82[at]
Phone: 009647701862008