Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul is published biannually and accepts review articles, papers on laboratory, clinical, and health system researches, preliminary communications, clinical case reports, and letters to the Editor, both in Arabic and English. Submitted material is received for evaluation and editing on the understanding that it has neither been published previously, nor will it, if accepted, be submitted for publication elsewhere.

 Manuscripts, including tables, or illustrations are to be submitted in triplicate with a covering letter signed by all authors, to the Editorial Office, Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul, Iraq. All the submitted material should be type written on good quality paper with double spacing and adequate margins on the sides. Rigorous adherence to the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" published by the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors in 1979 and revised in1981 should be observed. Also studying the format of papers published in a previous issue of the Annals is strongly advised (Ann Coll Med Mosul 1988; 14:91-103).

 Each part of the manuscript should begin in a new page, in the following order: title; abstract; actual text usually comprising a short relevant introduction, materials and methods or patients and methods, results, discussion; acknowledgement; references; tables; legends for illustrations. Number all pages consecutively on the top of right corner of each page, starting with title page as page 1. The title page should contain (1) the title of the paper; (2) first name, middle initial(s) and last name of each author; (3) name(s) and address(es) of institution(s) to which the work should be attributed. If one or more of the authors have changed their addresses, this should appear as foot notes with asterisks; (4) name and address of author to whom correspondence and reprint request should be addressed (if there are more than one author);(5) a short running head title of no more than 40 letters and spaces.

 The second page should contain (1) title of the paper (but not the names and addresses of the authors); (2) a self contained and clear structured abstract representing all parts of the paper in no more than 200 words in Arabic and in English. The headings of the abstract include: objective, methods, results, and conclusion.

 References should be numbered consecutively both in the text and in the list of references, in the order in which they appear in the text. The punctuation of the Vancouver style should be followed strictly in compiling the list of references. The following are two examples (1) for periodicals: Leventhal H, Glynn K, Fleming R. Is smoking cessation an "informed choice"? Effect of smoking risk factors on smoking beliefs. JAMA 1987; 257:3373-6. (2) For books: Cline MJ, Haskell CM. Cancer chemotherapy. 3rd ed. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 1980. p. 309-30. If the original reference is not verified by the author, it should be given in the list of references followed by "cited by…" and the paper in which it was referred to.

The final version of an accepted article has to be printed, including tables, figures, and legends on CD, and presented as they are required to appear in the Annals. Three dimensional drawings of figures must be avoided.

As far as the publication cost is concerned, manuscripts are only accepted after payment of the publication cost by the author(s) whose name(s) in the paper. The current publication cost of a regular research paper is initially 25000 ID for revision whatever the result is. Upon acceptance 100000 ID to be paid.