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Volume 34, Issue 1

Volume 34, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2008, Page 1-80

Prevalence of over and under weight among school children in Mosul

Mazin M. Fawzi; Zaid M. Yassen

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 1-8
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8945

Aim: To evaluate the prevalence of over and under weight in children aged 6-14 years in Mosul city and to observe the important risk factors. Methods: A cross-sectional study of four governmental primary schools in Mosul city with a total of 2056 child aged 6-14 years were included. Analysis of the data was done by using SPSS and excel computer systems, X2 test was used for statistical analysis. Results: The study reveals that the prevalence of under weight is 6.8%; on the other hand the prevalence of over weight and obesity were 11.3% and 9.8% respectively. Also the study shows that about three quarters of over weight and obese students spend three or more hours daily in watching television, and (44.2%) of them eat more than three meals per day. Conclusions: Overweight and obesity are prevalent problems in Mosul, it is valuable to conduct a study to evaluate the risk factors.

Ultrasound imaging of undisplaced partial forearm fractures in children

Faiza A. Al-Dubouni; Hazim K. AL-Allaf

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 9-15
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8946

Objective: To check the value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of undisplaced partial forearm fractures in children. Methods: A case series study was conducted in AL-Khansa'a and Al-Zahrawy teaching hospitals in Mosul over a period between November 2005 to October 2006. One hundred patients (54 male and 46 female) between the age of 2-15 years suffering from high clinical suspicion of non displaced forearm fractures were first examined by ultrasound (Sonoline SL 100, Siemens Nurnberg Germany) with 7.5MHZ linear array transducer by a radiologist who gave an immediate report. Standard two views radiography of the forearm then obtained. The radiographs were reported by another senior radiologist. Ultrasonographic and radiographic reports were then compared.Results: One hundred patients were examined, 54 male and 46 female with male/female ratio 1:1.7. The type of fractures found were 46 torus type, 48 greenstick and 6 were plastic deformity. Subperiosteal haematoma was encountered in 100% of the fractures, bending sign was 100% and finally reverberation echoes was shown in all the fracture types too.Conclusion: Ultrasound is a useful method in the diagnosis of undisplaced forearm fractures in children. It is an easy, safe , fast and in-expensive procedure. More studies are indicated to confirm its reliability in different pediatric fractures.

Total Laryngectomy outcome of 36 cases after 5 years at Mosul Centre

Daoud S. Allos; Youis Sultan; Nafi M. Shehab

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 16-20
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8948

Objective: To evaluate results of treating laryngeal cancer by total laryngectomy. Methods: A prospective study of 36 patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx treated with total laryngectomy over five years period.Results: The age range of the patients was between 34-72 years with a male to female ratio of 11/1. After five years follow up of patients , 100%, 84% & 14% were free of disease for T2, T3 & T4 respectively. Results of treating cases at T3 stage seems to be better when surgery preceded radiotherapy than when radiation given before.Conclusion: Combination of surgery and radiotherapy gives relatively high cure rates if stage of tumour was still within the larynx ( T3 or less). The results of this study shows that this was better when surgery preceded radiotherapy.

Isolated renal hydatid disease (heterogeneous presentations )

Abdul-ghafoor S. Abdul-Kareem

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 21-27
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8944

Objective: To demonstrate that isolated renal hydatid cysts have heterogeneous presentations.Methods: a retrospective case series study during the period from Jan 2002 to Jan 2007 in the urosurgical department at Al-Jamhory teaching hospital. Five patients with different preoperative diagnoses were dealt with. After their initial clinical assessment and investigating their pathology by lab and imaging studies including IVU and MRI, provisional diagnoses were put and they were explored through lumbar approach and the pathology dealt with accordingly.Results: there were three females and two males with six isolated renal hydatid cysts; mean age 28.8 years. Five cysts involving the left kidney. Their initial diagnoses were pyonephrosis, renal tumor, paracolic abscess, uremia due to large bilateral renal cysts and lower moiety hydronephrosis in a duplicated system. The preoperative diagnosis of renal hydatid was certain in two patients (40%) after cyst aspiration and hydatidiuria; the other three cases were diagnosed intraoperatively, and all cases proved by histopathology. Passing daughter cysts with the stool in a left side renal pathology may help in the diagnosis of a complicated renal hydatid cyst.Conclusion: isolated renal hydatid is a rare disease, has heterogeneous presentations, and preoperative diagnosis may not exceeds 50%, so it needs to be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of renal space occupying lesion.

Histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques in ulcerative colitis

Noel AI-Sakkal; Hatim Alnuaimy

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 28-34
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8940

Objective: To demonstrate the mucin changes in Ulcerative Colitis, to evaluate the benefit of the staining method and to demonstrate the CEA staining pattern in dysplasia complicating ulcerative colitis (U.C).Methods: Colorectal biopsies were examined for changes of U.C for which a combined PAS/Alcian blue stain was applied. CEA immunohistochemical stain was used for cases of dysplasia complicating ulcerative colitis.Results: One hundred colorectal biopsies were examined, U.C. was diagnosed in (22%) of cases, the mean age was (36.68) years, (13) were males, and (9) were females. The prevalence of dysplastic changes complicating U.C were detected in (22.7%).The rectum was the most frequent site of dysplasia complicating, U.C.. Two of the cases showed mild dysplastic changes; two showed moderate dysplasia, and only one showed severe dysplasia. The secretory activity of mucin in colorectal mucosa was tow in surface epithelium and varied in the crypts from absent or weak to moderate reduction.The site of CEA distribution seemed to be affected mainly by degree of dysplasia, it was predominantly along the apical surface of the cells and also in the cytoplasm in case of mild dysplasia, while in moderate dysplasia it was of cytoplasmic distribution, and in severe dysplasia there was intensive cytoplasmic distribution.Conclusion: There was an increase in relative frequency of U.C.Immunohistochemical study of CEA localization in dysplastic gland is helpful in detection of early malignant change in U.C.

Differences between low level laser therapy and triamcinolone acetonide kenalog on healing of recurrent aphthous ulceration

Tahani A. Al-Sandooq; Mukaram M Al-Waiz; Muhannad A. Kashmoola; Hadeel Salman

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 35-41
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8943

Aim of the Study: The Expected benefit is comparison between new high technical arena low level laser (LLLT) and conventional treatment (triamcinolone acetonide kenalog) and select the most effective and faster method for treatment by assessing clinically the effect of these two methods on healing process of recurrent aphthous ulceration.Subjects, materials and methods: A prospective study of 34 patients, age range 11-45 years, with RAU lesions were divided into: Control group: RAU patients without any treatment.Group I: RAU irradiated with 1.5 Joule laser into two doses (in alternative day).Group II: RAU given triamcinolone acetonide kenalog in orabase daily in two doses. The results obtained account for duration of lesions, size measurement, pain symptoms, and presence of erythema in three visits. Results: Clinically the mean duration of ulcers healing did not differ widely from control group. The pain sensation of RAU that was treated decreased. Statistically, there is no significant difference in the healing process of RAU treated by LLLT and treated by triamcinolone acetonide kenalog.Conclusion: low level laser therapy is biomodulation (biostimulation and bioinhibition).Topical triamcinolone is a glucorticoid that has anti-inflammatory and anti proliferative effects. Clinically they slightly decreased the normal time of healing of this immune dysregulating lesion, but there is no superior difference in clinical effects between these two methods.

Assessment of quality of life of amputee in war victims

Saad H. Murad; Bashar J. Al-Jawary

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 42-53
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.32521

Aims: To assess the quality of life (Q.o.L) of amputee patients and the relation with some variables.
Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at Al-Mosul rehabilitation center during the period from 10th April to 30th June 2004. The sample of the study consisted of 160 amputee patients with lower limb amputation selected randomly. The data was collected by using assessment tool which consists of (66) items distributed to three domains (physical, psychological and social).
Results: The results of the study show that there are many problems in all areas through the amputee patient's life. The psychological problems come in the first rank among problems faced by amputee patients, while the physical and social aspects come later throughout the amputee patient life . Significant differences were found between the quality of life of amputee patient and variables of study (age, social status, level of education, urbanicity, level of amputation, reason of amputation and using assistance device).
Recommendations: The study recommended to establish rehabilitation centers to accommodate war victims; training program should be carried out in special workshop for vocational rehabilitation therapy and educational programs for families of amputee patients for care to provide and improve quality of their life.

Assessment of anticardiolipin and antiphosphatidylserine antibodies in women with recurrent abortion

Ahmed J. AL-Husaynee

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 54-57
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8941

Objective: To assess the prevalence of anticardiolipin (ACL) and antiphosphatidylserine (APS) antibodies in women with repeated abortion in Mosul region.Methods: Women with history of three or more recurrent spontaneous abortions in their first trimester were studied, for ACL and APS antibodies in their sera by enzyme linked immunosorbent (ELISA). Fifty normal pregnant women during the first trimester were included as a control. Chi –squared test was utilized for evaluation.Results: One hundred –sixty women were tested. ACL and APS were detected in 45/160 (28%) & 22/160 (13.7%) respectively. These antibodies were negative in all control group.Conclusion: Positivisty of ACL antibodies among women with recurrent spontaneous abortion is a common finding in Mosul region. The use of low dose aspirin plus heparin in management of such women had successful result.

Effects of direct exposure to lead on some haematological parameters among battery repair workers in Mosul

Ali M. Al-Ameen; Faris Y. Bashir

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 58-63
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8951

Objectives: Determination of the degree of lead exposure and to study the possible effects of lead on different haematological parameters.Methods: A haematological study of thirty battery repair workers and thirty-four blood donors (as a control) in the period of 2 months (January – February 1998). All the workers and the donors were subjected to a clinical and laboratory evaluation. The laboratory tests included complete blood picture, blood lead level determination and iron status study.Results: Analysis of lead in the blood showed that the mean blood lead level (BLL) of these workers was significantly higher than that of the control (P< 0.001). 20% of the battery repairers had symptoms, while 16.7% of them had normochromic normocytic anaemia and 23.3% had reticulocytosis. Iron status was normal in all of the repairers but it was found that transferrin saturation of the repairers with BLL of more than 70 µg/dl RBC was significantly higher (P< 0.05) than those repairers with BLL of or less than 70 µg/dl RBC.Conclusion: Battery repairing is an important new source of lead exposure in our community and periodic medical supervision is required as well as improvement of their working conditions.

Effectiveness of albendazole against viability of entamoeba histolytica in mice and rabbits

Waleed J. Omar Barwari; Abdul-Salam M. Al-Mukhtar

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 64-68
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8947

Objective: Intestinal amebiasis is still an important health problem in developing countries of the world. One of the issues for future biomedical research is the development of antimicrobial resistance, and the search for alternative new antiamoebic drugs. A study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of albendazole on the viability of Entamoeba histolytica clinical isolate from human which was used for experimental animals. Materials and Methods: All experimental animal models (18 albino mice and 18 rabbits), were divided into 6 groups, each group with either 6 mice or 6 rabbits, were orally infected with E. histolytica (clinical isolate), then after 7 days they were given drugs (Metronidazole or Albendazole) daily according to body weight prepared in advance for 5 days duration and in addition to the controls without drugs. Stool specimens of each group were examined microspically for viable trophozoites, and the number of these trophozoites were counted with haemocytometer chamber, as compared to untreated and treated groups. Statistical analysis was done by using Student‘s- t-test. Results: The results showed infection of E. histolytica initiated in rabbits only. Albendazole and metronidazole were highly effective (100%) for the treatment of infected groups of rabbits. Trphozoites of E. histolytica were highly sensitive to albendazole (25% viability), and metronidazole (22.7% viability) at a dose of 400 mg / kg / day and 250 mg / kg / day, respectively, which was significant in relation to the control (500% viability). Conclusions: The present study showed that the newly used albendazole is very effective anti-amebic drug as metronidazole in rabbits

Serum uric acid in type 2 diabetics

Jamal M. Hammed; Bassam E . Hanna

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 69-75
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8949

Aims: To compare the level of serum uric acid (UA) in type 2 diabetics with a control group and to demonstrate its relation with other risk factors as age , BMI, duration of diabetes, blood glucose and total cholesterol level.Methods: The study was conducted in Al-Wafa Diabetic Clinic in Mosul during the period from February to May 2007 as a case-control study. A 39 patients of both sexes with type 2 diabetes with a mean  SD age of 51.5 11.1 years , and 20 healthy subjects of both sexes with a mean  SD age of 46.515.5 years as a control group. The concentrations of fasting serum glucose, total cholesterol and UA was determined; BMI was calculated.Results: BMI, fasting serum glucose, UA and total cholesterol concentrations are significantly higher (P < 0.001, 0.01 , 0.01 respectively) in type 2 diabetics compared to the control group with a positive correlation ( r = 0.605 , P < 0.005 ) between serum UA and the duration of diabetes.Conclusions: Because serum UA concentration is significantly higher in type 2 diabetics independent on other factors and as it predicts the occurrence of ischemic heart diseases, stroke and even renal disease in these patients; therefore, its measurement is recommended. Since it positively correlated with the duration of diabetes, therefore, the longer the history of diabetes was, the more frequent measurement should be done.

Cataract surgery rate in Mosul city

Amer Y. Rajab

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2008, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 76-80
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2008.8950

Objective: To compare the number of cataract surgery rate in Mosul to other part of the world and determine the factors that influence this rate.Methods: case series study from public and private hospitals in Mosul, on patients who had cataract operations during 2001. Results: Cataract surgery rate was 1098 per 1 million. Only 15.2% were associated with intraocular lens implant. Conclusion: Cataract surgery rate in Mosul was the same as in other Middle East Countries, but was very low compared to developed countries.