Print ISSN: 0027-1446

Online ISSN: 2309-6217

Keywords : Soft tissues

The prediction of nasolabial dimensions: A stereophotogrammetric study

Zainul A. Rajion; Ali R. Al-Khatib

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2013, Volume 39, Issue 1, Pages 45-52
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2013.75928

Objective: To find the most accurate measurements for the nasolabial dimensions prediction utilizing the three dimensional technology.
Design: Cross-sectional study.
Setting: School of Dental Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia.
Participants: This study was conducted on 101 volunteers (16-30 years). The participants had harmonious balanced face, competent lips and no craniofacial abnormalities. Data were captured using stereophotogra- mmetry system which consists of Sony digital cameras, synchronize switch and a calibration control frame.
Main outcome measures: Eighteen facial, seven nasal and 11 labial dimensions were measured and analyzed. The stepwise multiple regression analysis was applied and the level of significance was established at p<0.05.
Results: The measurements of the combination of nasolabial dimensions were developed. The prediction rates were 90% and 96% and for the upper lip height, nose height respectively. However, the low prediction rate was recorded for the lower vermilion and lateral lip heights 17% each.
Conclusions: New measurements for nasolabial dimensions prediction with application of three dimensional imaging technology were offered. This study could provide reliable and objective reference material for plastic surgeons for the planning of the cosmetic nasal surgery. Moreover, these information could be beneficial in the post-surgical prosthesis construction.

Keywords: Soft tissues, morphology, stereophotogrammetry.