Print ISSN: 0027-1446

Online ISSN: 2309-6217

Author : A. Jerjees, Dena

P53 expression in colonic carcinoma – immunohistochemical study

Bedoor AK. Al-Irhayim; Dena A. Jerjees

Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul, 2009, Volume 35, Issue 2, Pages 111-116
DOI: 10.33899/mmed.2009.8847

ABSTRACTObjectives: To evaluate p53 protein expression in colorectal tumors in Mosul city and correlates it with various clinicopathological parameters and to compare the results with other studies.Patients and methods: This is a pro and retrospective study of 53 samples of adenocarcinoma of colon with age range from 5 to 80 years. There were 38 males, with age range (5 to 80) years and 15 females with age range (18 to 70) years. The samples were collected from Al-Jumhuri Teaching Hospital, Nineveh Private Hospital and private labs during the period from September 2007 through May 2008. P53 protein was detected immunohistochemically by using the primary antibody (monoclonal antibody clone (DO-7¹) and ™ G|2 visualizing system/AP, Rabbit/Mouse (permanent red). Positive and negative controls were included in each run. The interpretation was done by a semi quantitative method.Results and conclusions: P53 protein expression was found in 49% (26 cases) of colorectal cancer. There was no correlation of p53 expression with age, sex, site, and size, but was significantly correlated with grade and stage (p value =0.001,0.044, respectively). By stepwise backward multiple logistic regression the grade was the only independent factor (p value =0.033).Keywords: P53, colonic adenocarcinoma.